B.4. Support by Applications

As described in the preceding sections, ACLs can be used to implement very complex permission scenarios that meet the requirements of modern applications. The traditional permission concept and ACLs can be combined in a smart manner. However, some important applications still lack ACL support. Except for the star archiver, there are currently no backup applications that guarantee the full preservation of ACLs.

The basic file commands (cp, mv, ls, and so on) do support ACLs, but many editors and file managers (such as Konqueror) do not. When copying files with Konqueror, for instance, the ACLs of these files are lost. When modifying files with an editor, the ACLs of files are sometimes preserved, sometimes not, depending on the backup mode of the editor used:

[Tip]Additional Information

Detailed information about ACLs is available at the following URLs:

http://sdb.suse.de/en/sdb/html/81_acl.html http://acl.bestbits.at/

and in the manual pages of getfacl, acl(5), and setfacl(1).