Error Messages During Installation of RPMs

How do I install an RPM from a CD or the Internet? I keep getting an error message when I use Gnome-RPM.

If you are getting an error message similar to failed to open /var/lib/rpm/packages.rpm, it is because you do not have proper permission to install RPM files.

When you install software, you are often required to make system-wide changes which only root can make, such as creating new directories outside of your user home directory or making changes to your system configuration. If you are using your normal user account, you will not have permission to make such changes by default.

You need to be the root user in order to install RPM files. At a shell or GUI terminal prompt, switch to root user by running the following:


You should then be able to install the RPM file without further errors. For more information about using RPM and Gnome-RPM, refer to the Official Red Hat Linux Customization Guide on the Red Hat Linux Documentation CD or online at