Computer programmers can be very entertaining people. Applets, or small applications, are created and added to software for no other reason than to amuse.

Figure 9-3. gEyes — Watches every move your mouse makes

Most of these are on-screen toys, like GNOME's Wanda The Fish, which opens a dialog box displaying a quote that changes every time you click on the icon, and KDE's AMOR, which places a little smiley face (or another creature of your choice) on the top border of your desktop's active window that interacts with you.

Figure 9-4. GNOME's Wanda the Fish

Other applets you may find to be very useful; KDE's World Clock presents a map of the world and time zone information just by scrolling your mouse around the map, and GNOME's GNOME Weather displays a mini weather report on the panel.

Figure 9-5. World Clock, a KDE toys that displays time zone information

To access applets in GNOME, go to Main Menu => Applets and look through the programs available in Amusements and Utility. Applets include Game of Life, Where Am I, Odometer, and GNOME Weather.

KDE has a main menu option called Toys where you will find AMOR, Potato Guy, Tea Cooker, and more.

Figure 9-6. Potato Guy — Make your own potato friend