Appendix A. Applications

The following table shows some of the Red Hat Linux applications that are available to handle many popular tasks. This is not a complete list of all applications available.

Most of these applications can be used in both GNOME and KDE, regardless of which interface has the application listed in its main menu.

Table A-1. Applications

Word ProcessorsAbiWord, KWord
SpreadsheetsGnumeric, Kspread
Charts and DiagramsDia, Kcharts, Kivio
Graphic DesignThe GIMP, KDE Icon Editor, XFig
Image ViewersElectric Eyes, GQview, The GIMP, KView
ScannersThe GIMP, XSane, Fax Viewer
PDAsJpilot, gnome-pilot, Evolution, Kpilot
Digital CamerasgPhoto, XSane, Kamera
CD RecordingCdecord, Gnome Toaster, X-CD-Roast
Text EditorsEmacs, vi, pico, joe, gedit, Kate, KDE Advanced Editor, KDE Text Editor, GNOME Text File Viewer
Email ClientsMozilla Mail, Evolution, Kmail, Netscape Mail, Balsa, pine, mutt, emacs
Web BrowsersMozilla, Netscape, Galeon, Nautilus, Konquerer, Lynx
ChatGAIM, X-Chat IRC Client
PDF Viewersxpdf, Ghostview, GNOME Ghostview, KDE Ghostview
Personal FinanceGnucash
FaxK Send a Fax
MultimediaGNOME CD Player, GNOME Sound Recorder, Cpd, KDE CD Player, XMMS, AUmix, Audio Mixer, Midi/Karaoke Player, KDE Sound Mixer, KDE MidiSynth