Speakers, Headphones, and Sound Etiquette

Most computers have a plug on the back of the CPU designated for speakers and headphones. If you have configured your sound card, any system or website sounds should play through the speakers or headphones.

Your CD-ROM probably has a plug near it as well, so you can listen to music CDs through the CD-ROM drive. See the section called Playing CDs.

Regardless of how you choose to listen to music or other sounds, you should remember that there may be other people working near you who are not interested in hearing your computer. Be courteous and keep the volume down. Even headphones can "bleed" noise and disturb others.

Add the Mixer Applet (Main Menu => Panel => Add to Panel => Applet => Multimedia => Mixer) to your panel so you can control system volume. Click on the speaker icon in this applet to mute or activate sound and use the slider bar to control volume level. Note that the CD-ROM probably has its own volume control next to the CD drawer on your computer.