Additional Resources

The GIMP can do so much more than what we have covered in this chapter! Please seek out some of the following resources if you are interested in learning more about the GIMP.

Useful Websites

Information about the GIMP is available on the Web:

The official GIMP website

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list for questions commonly asked about the GIMP by GIMP users (as opposed to developers)

The GIMP User Manual (by Karin Kylander and Olof S. Kylander) website, which includes the chapter "Mike Terry's Black Belt School of Script-Fu," an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn how to write a Script-Fu

The GIMP Tutorials Pointer Page

The companion website to the book Grokking the GIMP, by Carey Bunks

The GIMP website of tigert (Tuomas Kuosmanen), the artist who created Wilber (the GIMP mascot), as well as many other GIMP graphics

The GIMP 1.0 Quick Reference Sheet — a tri-fold list of GIMP commands.

Related Books

Many books have been written about the GIMP. If you need in-depth information about the many capabilities of the GIMP, try your favorite bookstore. The following books were available at the time of this writing: