36.5. Information about a SCSI Device: scsiinfo

The command scsiinfo lists information about a SCSI device. With the option -l, list all SCSI devices known to the system (similar information is obtained via the command lsscsi). The following is the output of scsiinfo -i /dev/sda, which gives information about a hard disk. The option -a gives even more information.

Inquiry command
Relative Address                   0
Wide bus 32                        0
Wide bus 16                        1
Synchronous neg.                   1
Linked Commands                    1
Command Queueing                   1
SftRe                              0
Device Type                        0
Peripheral Qualifier               0
Removable?                         0
Device Type Modifier               0
ISO Version                        0
ECMA Version                       0
ANSI Version                       3
AENC                               0
TrmIOP                             0
Response Data Format               2
Vendor:                    FUJITSU 
Product:                   MAS3367NP       
Revision level:            0104A0K7P43002BE

There is a defects list with two tables of bad blocks of a hard disk: first the one supplied by the vendor (manufacturer table) and second the list of bad blocks that appeared in operation (grown table). If the number of entries in the grown table increases, it might be a good idea to replace the hard disk.

SUSE LINUX Administration Guide 9.3