33.8. Cache Report Generation with Calamaris

Calamaris is a Perl script used to generate reports of cache activity in ASCII or HTML format. It works with native Squid access log files. The Calamaris home page is located at http://Calamaris.Cord.de/. The program is quite easy to use.

Log in as root then enter cat access.log.files | calamaris options > reportfile. It is important when piping more than one log file that the log files are chronologically ordered with older files first. These are some options of the program:


output all available reports


output as HTML report


include a message or logo in report header

More information about the various options can be found in the program's manual page with man calamaris.

A typical example is:

cat access.log.2 access.log.1 access.log | calamaris -a -w \ 
> /usr/local/httpd/htdocs/Squid/squidreport.html

This puts the report in the directory of the Web server. Apache is required to view the reports.

Another powerful cache report generator tool is SARG (Squid Analysis Report Generator). More information about this is available at: http://web.onda.com.br/orso/.

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