23.2. SLP Front-Ends in SUSE LINUX

SUSE LINUX contains several front-ends that enable SLP information to be checked and used by means of a network:


slptool is a simple command line program that can be used to announce SLP inquiries in the network or to announce proprietary services. slptool --help lists all available options and functions. slptool can also be called from scripts that process SLP information.

YaST SLP Browser

YaST contains a separate SLP browser that lists all services in the local network announced via SLP in a tree diagram under Network Services+SLP browser.


When used as a network browser, Konqueror can display all SLP services available in the local network at slp:/. Click the icons in the main window to obtain more detailed information about the relevant service. If you use Konqueror with service:/, click the relevant icon once in the browser window to set up a connection with the selected service.

SUSE LINUX Administration Guide 9.3