24.7. DNS Security

DNSSEC, or DNS security, is described in RFC 2535. The tools available for DNSSEC are discussed in the BIND Manual.

A zone considered secure must have one or several zone keys associated with it. These are generated with dnssec-keygen, just like the host keys. The DSA encryption algorithm is currently used to generate these keys. The public keys generated should be included in the corresponding zone file with an $INCLUDE rule.

With the command dnssec-makekeyset, all keys generated are packaged into one set, which must then be transferred to the parent zone in a secure manner. On the parent, the set is signed with dnssec-signkey. The files generated by this command are then used to sign the zones with dnssec-signzone, which in turn generates the files to include for each zone in /etc/named.conf.

SUSE LINUX Administration Guide 9.3