7.8. The YaST sysconfig Editor

The files in which the most important SUSE LINUX settings are stored are located in the /etc/sysconfig directory. The sysconfig editor presents the options in an easy-to-read manner. The values can be modified and subsequently added to the individual configuration files in this directory. In general, it is not necessary to edit them manually, however, because these files are automatically adjusted when installing a package or configuring a service.

[Warning]Modifying /etc/sysconfig/* Files

Do not modify the /etc/sysconfig files if you lack previous experience and knowledge. It could do considerable damage to your system. The files in /etc/sysconfig include a short comment for each variable to explain what effect they actually have.

Figure 7.2. System Configuration Using the sysconfig Editor

System Configuration Using the sysconfig Editor

The YaST sysconfig dialog is split into three parts. The left part of the dialog shows a tree view of all configurable variables. When you select a variable, the right part displays both the current selection and the current setting of this variable. Below, a third window displays a short description of the variable's purpose, possible values, the default value, and the actual configuration file from which this variable originates. The dialog also provides information about which configuration script is executed after changing the variable and which new service is started as a result of the change. YaST prompts you to confirm your changes and informs you which scripts will be executed after you leave the dialog by selecting Finish. Also select the services and scripts to skip for now, so they are started later.

SUSE LINUX Administration Guide 9.3