8.7. The Graphical SUSE Screen

Since SUSE LINUX 7.2, the graphical SUSE screen is displayed on the first console if the option “vga=<value>” is used as a kernel parameter. If you install using YaST, this option is automatically activated in accordance with the selected resolution and the graphics card. There are three ways to disable the SUSE screen, if desired:

Disabling the SUSE screen when necessary.

Enter the command echo 0 >/proc/splash on the command line to disable the graphical screen. To activate it again, enter echo 1 >/proc/splash.

Disabling the SUSE screen by default.

Add the kernel parameter splash=0 to your boot loader configuration. Chapter 8, The Boot Loader provides more information about this. However, if you prefer the text mode, which was the default in earlier versions, set vga=normal.

Completely disabling the SUSE screen.

Compile a new kernel and disable the option Use splash screen instead of boot logo in framebuffer support.


Disabling framebuffer support in the kernel automatically disables the splash screen as well. SUSE cannot provide any support for your system if you run it with a custom kernel.

SUSE LINUX Administration Guide 9.3