30.2. Setting Up the HTTP Server with YaST

Apache can easily be set up with the help of YaST, but some knowledge about the subject is needed to set up a Web server this way. After selecting Network Services+HTTP Server in the YaST control center, you may be prompted for the installation of some packages that are still missing. As soon as everything is installed, YaST displays the configuration dialog (HTTP Server Configuration).

In this dialog, first enable the HTTP service itself. This also opens the corresponding ports (port 80) in the firewall (Open Firewall on Selected Ports). The lower part of the window (Settings/Summary) allows setting up the local HTTP server: Listen to (default is port 80), modules, Default Host, and Hosts. Edit allows changing the currently selected setting.

First check the Default Host and, if necessary, adjust the configuration to your requirements. Then, activate the desired modules with Modules. There are additional dialogs for more detailed configuration, especially for the creation of virtual hosts.

SUSE LINUX Administration Guide 9.3