Congratulations for your new Linux operating system and thank you for selecting SUSE LINUX 9.2. By purchasing this version, you have gained the right to benefit from installation support by phone and e-mail. To make use of this service, activate your support authorization in the SUSE LINUX Portal (http://portal.suse.com) with the help of the code printed on the CD case.

To make sure your system is always in a secure and up-to-date state, we recommend regular updates with the comfortable YaST Online Update. Moreover, we offer a free e-newsletter featuring security-relevant information and tips and tricks for SUSE LINUX. Simply subscribe by entering your e-mail address at http://www.suse.com/us/private/newsletter.html.

The SUSE LINUX Administration Guide provides background information about the way your SUSE LINUX system operates. This manual introduces you to Linux system administration basics, such as file systems, kernels, boot processes, and the configuration of the Apache web server. The SUSE LINUX Administration Guide has five major categories:


System installation and configuration with YaST, details about special installation types, LVM, RAID, updates, and system recovery.


Special features of SUSE LINUX, details about the kernel, boot concept, and init process, configuration of the boot loader and the X Window System, printing, and mobile computing in Linux.


Integration in heterogeneous networks, configuration of the Apache web server, file synchronization, and security aspects.


File system ACLs and important system monitoring tools.


Important sources of information about Linux.

The digital versions of the SUSE LINUX manuals are located in the directory file:///usr/share/doc/manual/.

1. Changes in the Administration Guide

The documentation of the previous version (SUSE LINUX 9.1) has been modified as follows: