18.6. The Boot Scripts Coldplug and Hotplug

boot.coldplug is responsible for all devices that are not autodetected and for which no hotplug events are generated. It merely calls hwup for every static device configuration designated as /etc/sysconfig/hardware/hwcfg-static-*. This can also be used to initialize built-in devices in a different order than would be the case with hotplug, because coldplug is executed before hotplug.

boot.hotplug activates the processing of hotplug events. Because the boot parameter khelper_max=0 prevents the delivery of hotplug events in the early boot phase, the generated events are still in a queue in the kernel. The number of events that are issued concurrently is set by boot.hotplug in the file /etc/sysconfig/hotplug. In this way, no hotplug events are lost.