15.3. Troubleshooting

15.3.1. Termination during the Switch Process

Sometimes, SCPM may stop working during a switch procedure. This may be caused by some outside effect, such as a user abort, a power failure, another similar problem, or even an error in SCPM itself. If this happens, an error message saying SCPM is locked appears the next time you start SCPM. This is for system safety, because the data stored in its database may differ from the state of the system. To solve this issue, delete the lock file with rm /var/lib/scpm/#LOCK then update your database with scpm -s reload. After this procedure, proceed as usual.

15.3.2. Changing the Resource Group Configuration

To modify the configuration of the resource group when SCPM is already initialized, enter scpm rebuild after adding or removing groups. In this way, new resources are added to all profiles and the removed resources are deleted permanently. If the deleted resources are configured differently in the various profiles, this configuration data is lost, except for the current version in your system, which SCPM does not touch. If you modify the configuration with YaST, the rebuild command does not need to be entered, because this is handled by YaST.