1.7. Hardware Configuration

At the end of the installation, YaST opens a dialog for the configuration of the graphics card and other hardware components connected to the system, such as printers or sound cards. Click the individual components to start the hardware configuration. For the most part, YaST detects and configures the devices automatically.

Figure 1.19. Configuring the System Components

Configuring the System Components

You may skip any peripheral devices and configure them later. However, you should configure the graphics card right away. Although the display settings as autoconfigured by YaST should be generally acceptable, most users have very strong preferences as far as resolution, color depth, and other graphics features are concerned. To change these settings, select Graphics Cards. The configuration is explained in 2.4.4. “Graphics Card and Monitor (SaX2)”. After YaST has written the configuration data, finish the installation of SUSE LINUX with Finish in the final dialog.