Public Address Books in Evolution

By means of the LDAP protocol, Evolution can access public address books, such as those used by SuSE Linux Openexchange Server or Microsoft Exchange. Evolution offers full access to these address books — it can read them and add new entries. Accordingly, if you use SuSE Linux in a large network (e.g., in your company), do not hesitate to make use of this possibility.


Some specific information about your network is required for configuring LDAP access. Obtain this information from the responsible system administrator.

To configure access to an LDAP server from your workstation, select Tools -> Settings -> Directory Servers. All previously configured LDAP accesses are listed in the overview. Click Add to add a new LDAP access. A configuration assistant starts, helping configure the LDAP access in a few steps. Exit the welcome screen of the assistant with Next and specify the following settings in the dialogs:

Server Information

Enter the server name and the login method for the LDAP server. The default method is anonymous access.

Connecting to the Server

Enter the port number and the security protocols (SSL or TLS) to use.

Searching the Directory

Enter the search base, the search range, the search duration, and, possibly, a limitation of the displayed hits.

Display Name

In this last step, enter the name under which the selected server should appear in the list. Close the assistant with Next and Finish.

Upon completion of the configuration, the new LDAP server appears in your contact list under Other Contacts and can be browsed for any entries.