Filters enable automatic processing of incoming messages and manual processing of selected messages in a folder. To filter selected messages to a specific folder, highlight the messages and enter Ctrl + J to activate existing filter rules or select Message -> Create Filter to create a new one. In doing so, all existing filter rules are applied to this message. There is no way to use only certain filters.

Filter Rules

A filter consists of one or several filter rules and filter actions. A filter rule can select messages according to criteria, such as the sender, content, or recipient. The respective filter action can perform tasks like moving, deleting, marking, or forwarding these messages.

Examples of Filters

Assume, for instance, you are subscribed to the KDE user list Whenever a message from the mailing list arrives, the mail is moved into another folder. The following steps are necessary for creating this filter.

  1. Add a new folder as described in Section “Message Folders”. Assign a name, such as kde-user.

  2. First, find a way of identifying messages to filter. The messages of the KDE user list described in our example can be identified by the address, found in the To: or Cc: field.

  3. Click Settings -> Configure Filters. The left side of the window that opens displays the existing filters. The right side is composed of two panels: filter rules and filter actions.

  4. Click the New icon to create an empty filter. It appears as unknown.

  5. Select To: or Cc: from the first drop-down menu and contains from the second drop-down menu. Enter in the text field.

  6. In Filter actions, select Move to Folder from the first drop-down menu. A second drop-down menu with the list of folders appears. Choose the folder to which the filtered messages should be moved if they meet the desired criteria. In this case, choose kde-user from the drop-down menu.

  7. Confirm the changes with OK.

More complex filters are also possible. You may want to save only the messages from the KDE user list written by Fred Johnson ( Here, the remaining filter criteria come into play:

  1. Click Settings -> Configure Filters and mark the newly created filter.

  2. To filter all messages containing in the To: or Cc: fields and originating from Fred, define a second filter under Filter Criteria using the second row of drop-down menus. Select From in the first menu and contains in the second. Then enter the e-mail address to filter. Activate Applies to all.

  3. Select the action to execute (move, delete, etc.).

You have now created a filter that transfers all mails from Fred Johnson on the KDE user list as specified.