If you frequently visit certain pages, it can be useful to save them as bookmarks. Use the Bookmark menu to save all important locations of web pages or directory links on your local hard disk.

To create a new bookmark in Konqueror, click Bookmarks -> Add Bookmark. If you have already added some bookmarks, also see them in this menu. It is recommended to arrange your collection by subjects, grouped hierarchically. Create a new group for bookmarks with New Directory. Open the bookmark editor by selecting Bookmarks -> Edit Bookmarks …. Use this program to organize, rearrange, add, and delete bookmarks.

If you are using Netscape or Mozilla as additional browsers, it is not necessary to recreate your bookmarks. File -> Import Netscape Bookmarks in the bookmark editor enables you to integrate your Netscape and Mozilla bookmarks into your most current collection. The reverse is also possible via Export as Netscape Bookmark.

Change your bookmarks by right-clicking the entry. A pop-up menu appears in which to select the desired action (cut, copy, delete, etc.). When you achieve the desired results, save it with File -> Save.

To save your bookmark list and have instant access to it, make your bookmarks visible in Konqueror. Select Settings -> Show Bookmark Toolbar. A bookmark panel is automatically displayed in the current Konqueror window.